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Using LUTs with AF100 footage?

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    Using LUTs with AF100 footage?

    Hi everyone!

    So I will admit, one of my weaknesses that I'm trying to work on is my color correction skills. I know enough to get a decent picture/contrast but many times, my color grading comes off as being a bit flat or boring. I've read & seen a lot about LUTS and, being a film photographer, the idea of using the looks of different film stocks is pretty exciting.

    While doing my research though, it seems that many LUTs are designed for cameras newer than my trusty AF100. My question is - what LUT profile would I use for AF100 footage? Is there a best practice?

    VisionColor ImpulZ has a LOG generic and Rec709 generic. Would I use one of those for my AF100 footage? Or would I need to "convert" my AF100 to a particular profile, then add a LUT to that? I'm very new to this process and could any advice from you experts. In case it matters, I use Premiere CC 2015 for my editing/color correction.

    Thank you!

    ImpulZ Pro has LUTS that are profiled for cinelike D. The Rec709 color space is where you should start with the AF100.
    The GH4's Cinelike D is very similar to the AF100's... you'll have to adjust a bit... depends on your tastes and in camera profile settings.
    You already know you're entering the world of adjustment city... so no big deal there. Also I might add that you are not limited to the
    Cinelike D Gamma. Again... just a matter of taste and purpose.

    Here is a link for you to check out.


      Thank you for the response!

      I have been recently shooting on my AF100 with all settings "flat" and using the Cinelike-V gamma. I'll try switching it over to Cinelike-D and test it with their GH4 stocks. At some point, I planned on upgrading to the Sony A7sii so I'm happy to see they already have it covered.