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AF100 footage and FCP X

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    AF100 footage and FCP X

    Hi. Wow - I really need some advice from people in the know about this stuff...My questions below might be more appropriate for a different (editing based) forum, but perhaps somebody here will be patient enough to provide some AF100 workflow help to an absolute beginner.

    Since I'm using my AF100 to capture footage, I'm shooting in AVCHD.

    I'm editing using FCP X. I think FCP X is converting my footage to Prores 422 when I import it, since I check 'create optimised media'.

    I've been asked to deliver a version of my project that's as high quality as possible (although just for viewing, not editing, I think). They haven't asked for any particular format, but they've said they want split audio. I have to upload the video to the web and use a file sharing system to give them access to it. The end use of the video is online viewing.

    My questions:
    1. What FCP X export settings should I use to get a high quality project with split audio (the project has a music bed and interview audio) that won't take a lifetime to upload?
    2. Once the project has been exported, is it ready to upload? (or are there other steps I need to take first?)
    3. Any tips on minimizing uploading times while maximising project quality?

    Any tips/advice about anything relevant to what I'm trying to do will be super welcome!!!

    Thank you so much in advance for any help - and sorry again if this is the wrong place to be asking this stuff!


    With the footage in a Project (Timeline) click the share button and choose Master File. In The Settings you can choose the output quality you want, it will default to ProRes422 - to be honest nothing is going to improve the resolution from AVCHD, but you can change it to 422HQ to impress the client -

    The very bottom box in Settings says QuickTime Movie, change that to QT As Roles - then chose Separate Files and you will have separate audio tracks (Dialog, Effects, Music) - you can also create additional custom roles, like Dialog 2 or Ambient Sound, etc before you start this export process.

    The resultant QT will be a large file. You can crunch the video in Compressor to H.264, and it'll look quite good, but if the client wants the best quality I'd just stick with 422 in the first place to keep the size down and upload it using a drop box.


      If you want to send them the full high quality Prores file, i highly recommend using Bittorrent Sync. I use it to transfer Prores feature films from producers. Its really fast and free. It works like dropbox, but there's no server, it just syncs a folder between you and the other persons computer. I recommend after setting up you turn off "Store deleted files in folder archive" under the folder preferences for both computers.

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