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Any practical old fashion zoom available for AF100?

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    Any practical old fashion zoom available for AF100?

    Yesterday I shot a cable sports show of a celebrity interviewing, guess what, other celebrities. I almost brought the AF100. It hasn't yet paid for itself (with all the accessories) so I want to get it on any gig it is suitable for, but thank God I didn't bring it! The client wanted to do live zooms when necessary since these celebs have no time to stick around for reverses, etc.

    These were typical two guys on a bar stool scenario and I fortunately had brought a HPX370 for it. So, is there any real, adult size, servo zoom lens that will work in such a situation? A real smooth zoom as in live shot?

    Ned Miller
    Chicago-based Freelance Videographer

    No servo zooms I know of unless you count the PZ45-175 or the new Fujinon S35 cine zoom with a servo. The only other large sensor servo zoom that readily comes to mind is the 18-200 on the Sony EA50. Otherwise, servo isn't really a large sensor thing.

    I've done some live zooming with a few lenses:
    Leica D 14-50/2.8-3.5 (no aperture glitching at f4 or smaller)
    Panasonic 35-100/2.8 (nice)
    Sigma 50-150/2.8 (nice)
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      2/3" ENG servo zooms with the 2x extender have been used with the AF-100. There have been several examples in the AF-100 forum.

      There is an abundance of them available on Ebay up to 20x zoom. This adapter has been found to be suitable

      [edit] here is an example
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