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West Coast AF100 Shooter with LOTS of toys! (watch video)

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    Now that you'll have C stands, how about a 4x4 scrim for diffusion-

    or collapsible Scrim Jim- diffusion and reflector:

    Both softer than sheets (not so good for sleeping on, though) and won't catch fire...

    And don't forget sand bags...


      I love this light kit:


        I already have 15 pro sandbags. I will look into the scrim. Issue is if I have lights on the c stands I have three and its going to take two to hold up a scrim. Should probably get one more c stand and WHAT THE HELL IS A SHINNY BOARD??? LOL
        Dre Allen
        Owner/Director - ASG Films


          Shiny Board. Used to bounce the sun or artificial lighting.


            Originally posted by dustylense View Post
            Shiny Board. Used to bounce the sun or artificial lighting.
            I like these a lot! Every outdoors shoot I have I use one. I wish I had two. These and a Scrim Jim silk are great.
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              I didn't mean to sound all preachy or elitist or anything, just trying to give you honest feedback.
              I will only add this : equipment is like f'n quicksand, buy what you need for the job at hand otherwise this stuff will bury you.


                dre- You're good buddy . . . Nobody's trying to be being brutal or going out of their way to nit-pik ya, I promise!
                You asked for feedback and that's what you got. Really, you don't want somebody to give you a glowing report on your stuff (that's what family & friends are for). You want, I think, thoughtful suggestions to consider after which you will decide what's best for you. I thought you said, this is my reel, this is my stuff, this is my work? And I think the way most respondents felt you were asking for constructive criticism (which, in my book, is pretty much what you got).

                I don't have anything to add except that I applaud your efforts and admire the giant steps you've taken to jump start your dream (I want that RV!). I don't do music so I'm the last person to be critical. Here's one we did some time back, on the run with a couple of HVX200's and "god's lights" . . . I'd be happy to have it picked apart (cause I learn from you folks nearly every day).

                Note: My wife's father is on that Wall, along with a couple dozen guys I served with.

                Canon 70-200 & 24-70, Rokinon 35, 50, 85, 135, GH4, Lumix 20, 12-35, 35-100, 100-300.