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Did i go overboard?

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    Looks awesome, how does the 5000w work? Portable or permanently installed? Is it audible inside the RV?
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      The setup is awesome.

      As always, make sure your quality, talent, and creativity match your gear and equipment.

      The only way it is overboard is if someone produces something better than you with way less. Your focus should always be on the craft. So long as the equipment is truly complimenting your skill, not compensating for it, then it's not overboard. Happy film-making


        Originally posted by dreallen View Post
        Shooter I never fail to feel like an amateur whenever I hear your pearls of To the thread...thanks for the support. And YES! I am going to the lake a little more often with the kiddos now...LOL! I'm not too sure about a tow unit. It's a V10 and could handle it but it's alot of truck to move. I DI go get the big State Farm insurance fire/flood/theft/vandalism policy to cover all equipment and the unit as well so i'm good there. Thanks for all the advice!
        If you don't mind my saying-- I was trying to look at your company website, and came to your Wikipedia page instead. And with your list of accomplishments, I'd hardly call you an amateur. ;) Shooter's wisdom has that effect on me, too, though. lol. Cheers, mate.

        Oh, and as far as insurance, I keep hearing that your typical insurance isn't usually enough when it comes to your equipment. Maybe at least when they aren't inside of the RV and you're actually using them. It's something I've been looking into for my equipment. Might be something that some of the other guys can chime in on.
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          See??? That's why I love this community. I come back to the thread and all this great productive activity. First let me answer a couple questions...the generator is GREAT on output but it is audible on the opposite side of the unit. It is fixed and attached to the unit so theres no getting away but I can park up top 300 feet away with the cords and such.'re too kind. I did a video today of the whole set up. I am still buying one ARRI 2K flood so I have a little extra lighting muscle. I want to get active in making money with this rig. Oh...Shooter IS I am definitely intimidated because there is really nothing left to do but make my movie. I want to tell you all about it. I just registered it with the WGA so I feel comfortable enough. It's a vigilante film about people who should definitely die. It's controversial at LEAST and i'm going to use alot of shoulder mounted moving type shots as well as dolly and crane shots. We cold heartedly execute several people in the film until the vigilantes begin to suffer their own brand of PTSD. But by the time they do, the public is now cheering them on and a conflict arises. Continue to do the dirty deeds or selectively pick high value targets and make more of an impression. I have alot of work to do. I will be posting that link now...
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