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Need On Board Monitor Recommendation

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    Need On Board Monitor Recommendation

    I am considering a DP6 or 4, I presently have a Panasonic LH900 8" monitor (that was $4000 about 5 four years ago) and I am having trouble confirming sharpness with the AF100. I have had some instances where it looked sharp on location and in post I felt it was soft. I had read all the posts regarding scene files and now changed Detail from -7 to 0.

    So...need something small and lightweight for either on a shoulder rig or on the camera itself, that works in bright daylight well with a Hoodman and lasts as long as possible on batteries and I can feel CONFIDENT about focus. I tend to shoot a lot more documentary style than set up shots. I think I have narrowed it down to DP4 with an eyecup.

    I have ruled out the Zacuto EVF because of the danger of frying the viewfinder if the sun gets in. I can't be assured that the protective
    cover will be in place and sometimes clients need to see what the composition is, otherwise I'd love one. Price is not a concern, only confirmed focus is.

    I appreciate your opinion.

    Ned Miller
    Chicago-based Freelance Videographer

    i would suggest you to use a new line of marshalls monitors - looks like the price, options and quality seems to be very nice!

    the best EVF probably going to be the new Tv logic but pricey ...... in terms of price small hd evf is nice

    there is also 1 good option of evf :

    if u r looking for monitor or evf holder - edelkrone makes 1 nice and cheap - i own 1 and its great(i dont like the rest of their rigs, but EVF holder is perfect!)

    Guys! if anyone already used new Marshalls monitors PLZ let us know about your experience!


      Thanks Anatusa. I will look into the V-LCD56MD for $1000 but I could not find a small sunshade. I often work in bright daylight and the DP4 has an eyecup.
      Ned Miller
      Chicago-based Freelance Videographer


        i dont think u ll be very comfortable to use small hd EVF as a monitor - its good as EVF probably, but as monitor i believe its too small, plus u already have a nice EVF in camera! i dont film too much out side , but did it once for the whole day handholding the cam...... and i kind of found the internal evf as a very useful tool.... the only thing i kind of closed the iris a little to get more in focus. but using the black & white evf with red peaking was ok, maybe not perfect but ok. But in studio i would trade any evf for a good monitor!

        about the hood i am sure u fill find plenty of hoods for that monitor on BH.

        i was kind of desperate to get tv logic before , but after i saw the new marshalls - i think they are perfect and i for sure will buy 1 for my self! i love also the protective screen that is on monitor kind of similar to the one that tv logic has! from my experience i already know how fast my oily finger prints are getting everywhere , and cleaning just the protective screen is so much easier and safer as well!
        i also like that marshalls have the turning knobs for brightness & few more - its for sure much easier to use then clicking around the endless menus!


          I've owned Marshall, Panasonic, and multiple lesser known entries.
          I can't say a bad word about any of them (except maybe Lilliput). Anyway . . .
          The 7" Ruige available through fits your parameters at substantially lower cost.
          Quick ship/fast arrival via DHL, has a nifty built-in sunshade (also can be snapped on/off) and a number of great features.
          I honestly think people are overlooking this one (to their great disadvantage).
          Canon 70-200 & 24-70, Rokinon 35, 50, 85, 135, GH4, Lumix 20, 12-35, 35-100, 100-300.


            I have both the DP6 and DP4 EVF. The DP6 is a very good monitor for its size. The focus assist works great. The DP4 is pretty small and I only use it as an EVF. It has focus assist as well. False color is very good on both models. It takes some getting used to, but with combining the built in waveform on the AF-100 and false color on DP6 your good to go.
            They are coming out with a crazy sharp OLED feature rich DP7 soon but if you canít wait the DP6 is a good choice. Whats your budget?

            DP7 features.
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              If you're having trouble pulling focus then a DP4 is NOT for you. Go with the DP6. We have both and only use a DP4 as a DSLR EVF or monitor when we're using push to focus. If we're using a follow focus, we always grab the DP6.
              Brent Miller Jr.
              Executive Director, Ingenuity Films LLC

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                The mask included with the Zacuto EVF does seem to greatly help in reducing the risk of frying it's screen. I burnt a 5D2 early on due to very brief exposure to late day Sun, but have never damaged the Zacuto's screen. I'm pretty good about capping the loupe, but often fail to in the heat of the moment.

                I have a 6.5" Marshall designed for outdoor work, yet always prefer an EVF. Even with it's resolution limits I've never missed focus due to the Zacuto, but most likely will upgrade to the Alphatron when it becomes available.


                  Thanks everyone. Eirk, I guess when I said money is no object, well, I didn't know on board monitors like the DP7 could get up to $2700 without accessories! I think $1000 is my top limit. However, I can see getting both a monitor for interiors and the EVF for doc/outdoor work.
                  Ned Miller
                  Chicago-based Freelance Videographer