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Cards Read-Only after in-camera format?

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    Cards Read-Only after in-camera format?

    Hi there, I just got my af100 yesterday, exciting stuff! It included Barry Green's af100 book, and last night I wanted to load some of his scene files onto an SD card. I had been shooting some test footage on a 32GB card, which I had put into my computer and captured the footage a few times, no problem. However, when I went to drag the Private folder from the CD files (I dragged this onto the desktop first) onto SD card, it won't let me replace the private folder. When I right-click on the card in the Finder to get info, it tells me the card is read-only, doesn't give me an option to change that. The card is not physically locked so I'm not sure how to fix this.

    Has anyone else ran into this?


    hmm, I just tried it with a 2nd and 3rd card (which I have used extensively) and the same issue. I'm wondering if it's something that may be set in the camera?


      put in the scene files manually, not to many settings to change.


        yah I considered that route (and still might), I'm more just wondering what's going on with my cards being set to read only mode without my doing so. This didn't happen with my workflow when I've rented these cameras in the past, any ideas?



          I attached some pictures to help explain, either I'm missing something simple or someone else must have run into this:

          Here's after I in camera formatted my card:

          Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 7.11.15 PM.jpg

          Here's when I get info on my card (note it's read only)

          Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 7.11.20 PM.jpg

          Here's when I take it into Disk Utility

          Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 7.11.43 PM.jpg

          Any advice is appreciated as I haven't been able to find anything in the manual or online.


            I am guessing that this is a Mac data-protection feature, as Windows will pretty much let me do anything to an SD card provided the physical memory lock has not been set.


              Can't tell from your images how big the card is, but I've seen similar behavior on SDXC (> 32GB) on non SDXC capable readers. You can see data but you can't write as the format is not supported by the reader.


                ah Stephen, thank you, it was the card reader. I appreciate the help guys, thanks!