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3 things for an AF successor

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    Honestly, my money is that any AF100 successor will have AVC-Long G, which is 10bit 4:2:2, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    [edit the day after I posted this] Also, Anatusa, AVC-Long G will supposedly fit in a 50mb/s stream. So it's not unrealistic to ask for it in a successor.
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      Originally posted by anatusa View Post
      thing is that i am not looking for +-20 000$ camcorder (if u want it - there are some already! u need it? - use it) , thats why i dont ask. i do want an option of 10bit or more, BUT only externally for high pro payed work, but for my general jobs i dont need 10 bit and extreme high bit rates like pro res or else with very expansive recording media like p2 or else..... (currently anything higher then 50mb/s over kills me) ! I want to keep recording on SD or CF cards.... I want Good, normally priced camcorder with nice internal recordings. everything else if/ when i will need it - i want to be able to record it externally. but thats all!
      i like the price point of my pany and i dont mind to pay few extra grands for improved and some extra features! - i`ve seen Ari and Red at work and its not what i need for everyday work and i cant pay for it....

      the only reason why i dont buy samurai - i dont need it :-) , i mean i dont need pro res and i dont even want to mess with it. give me 50mb/s and i ll buy it "yesterday".... but 100-220mb/s -i dont want these huge files and most important i dont need it for my every day job! i want 8bit 4:2:2 50mb/s - something like canon c300 does internally!

      What u r talking about - would not be AF200 - it would be completely different camcorder at a completely different price rage...for a different market.

      thats why i dont ask for 10bit, unless i am missing something and 10bit can fit in the 50mb/s and on SD card - what is hard to believe!
      Oh! Right. Gotcha.
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        Originally posted by anatusa View Post
        yes its 8bit, but 4:2:0 with just 28mb/s....... but i want 4:2:2 and higher bit rate internal.

        btw i forgot to tell ------ USB 3.0 ------ plz....... its kind of hard to wait for 32GB transfer... would love to speed up that process!
        Um...USB 3.0 SD Card Readers exist.


          Originally posted by PopcornFlix View Post
          1. 13+stops Dynamic Range
          2. 12-bit 4:4:4 RAW out to third party SSD (Hyperdeck, etc.)
          3. 10-bit 4:2:2 internal
          1. Super35 with M4/3 crop
          2. Native 2.40:1 widescreen crop
          3. Global Shutter = Zero rolling Shutter
          1. Keep the price the same
          2. Stay M4/3
          3. Keep the form factor
          lol @ "keep the price the same" in light of what's posted there, especially the 12-bit 4:4:4 RAW...

          Time to look at another class of cameras.


            Lets not derail this. The suggestions are illogical but argue on other threads.


              Originally posted by KyleProhaska View Post
              Um...USB 3.0 SD Card Readers exist.
              i never take out my SD card out of camcorder.... i just connect my cam to pc.... i am not sure if its true , but i ve read somewhere that this way the card will live longer..., never had to change the card during shooting yet.... 32GB last for a long time... plus anyway i dont have sdhc reader on my desktop yet and not on my laptop



                If speed matters to you, and you're using the fast UHS-1 cards, then this is probably $52 well spent.
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                  This is my superstition, may not be completely true and continues in the off topic... but I NEVER take SDHC cards out of the camera to transfer data as I don't want to incur any moving wear on the connectors. I feel that this may be the only real thing that could lead to card failure.

                  In truth it doesn't take that long to transfer data via USB 2 though I agree the new camera should be USB 3 spec.
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                    Fears about cards, may be unfounded, methinks. Bulletproof according to these two. Check out the ludicrous video.


                    "Our arrows will block out the sun!"
                    "Fool, we have HMIs!"


                      I'm still using cards I bought when I got the HMC150 when it first came out without issues.


                        1) SENSOR TECH: Full Frame sensor with micro 4/3 crop for legacy lenses
                        2) DYNAMIC RANGE: 13 stops of DR
                        3) IN-CAMERA CODEC: Recording option for in-camera AVCHD, 10-bit 4:2:2, 10-bit 4:4:4(!)
                        4) FORM-FACTOR: SLR form factor with LCD screen on back
                        5) INTERFACE: Dedicated buttons for Gain (with 1db increments without having to go into the camera menu), Iris, Shutter and White Balance and are conveniently placed in the natural grip position of the camera operator.

                        Well five things.


                          Chop the handle/LCD off this thing and slap it on with some sort of quick release a-la C-300. LCD, XLRs and Microphone available if you want it, compact body if you don't. Gosh people, the tech already exists right under our noses!

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                            Originally posted by Barry_Green View Post

                            If speed matters to you, and you're using the fast UHS-1 cards, then this is probably $52 well spent.
                            the thing is that i dont have usb 3 on my pc or laptop, for pc i could probably get pci e card, but laptop is actually what i take with me on shooting and this is where i store and back up my data at home i just transfer date to pc over network! also and i am not even sure if my laptop can read SDHC at all.... so usb cord is what i use....

                            i believe USB3 is the smallest possible improvement they should add to a new version of camcorder, -


                              1) I don't really care how it is accomplished with regards to codecs, sensors, chroma sampling or otherwise, but the successor should be specifically targeted to satisfy the BBC QC boys out-of-the-box. No issues with any broadcaster's HD camera "list" as an "approved" acquisition unit.

                              2) On board (swappable) SSD.

                              3) Harden/weatherproof the exterior a bit, beef-up the base to handle real baseplates and tripod plates.

                              3.1) Rethink the processing architecture to provide for meaningful firmware upgrades.
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                                Just got off a short film shoot and two features I wish the AF100 had:

                                1. Input on back for AC power instead of getting power by plugging in via the battery port.

                                2. Metadata which recorded Scene File data for every shot. (If you essentially are locked into a look by how you shoot it would be nice to have that info to refer back to later when doing pickup shots)
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