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3 things for an AF successor

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    Thanks guys, This is perfect. Don't need long explanations as to what or why Feature/function set. Sweet and short.

    Somebody want to sticky this? and make my life easier?


    Jan Crittenden Livingston
    Panasonic System Communications Corporation
    Partner Sales Manager, NY and NJ


      stuck. good thread. Let's keep it on point, and not get side tracked on discussion. Just post your requests, +1 someone else's that you like, and let's leave it at that. Will improve your chances of someone like Jan taking these things into consideration when they can easily navigate the thread without a bunch of distractions.

      Good work guys.

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        +1 Thank you Jason!
        Jan Crittenden Livingston
        Panasonic System Communications Corporation
        Partner Sales Manager, NY and NJ


          HPX250 with interchangeable lens mount & S35 size sensor.

          I don't need 4K output, I have been down that road with the Red One.
          90% of my video work is quick turnaround TV commercials where 2K is just dandy.
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            -. updated menu system, something a bit more interesting (weird request, but yeah)
            -. Oversized 4/3 sensor (GH2)
            -. Full sensor record mode: if it's going to be 4:3, make it so that we can use most of the entire square sensor for anamorphic or whatever we deem fit.
            -. ETC mode: just like the GH2, to accent the Full Sensor record mode or standard 16:9 recording.
            -. 1080/60+ Out of box.
            -. Some sort of port/communication for the rawest possible sensor readout to an external device to harness the camera's full potential. Make this dual recordable to internal and external simultaneously.

            Keep price where it is.
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              For my needs?

              1:1 focus assist (this is by far my biggest gripe with the camera)
              Better DR
              Dual recording capability to the card slots.

              What would be nice? (But I'm not expecting, since I realize that this will probably only retail for ~$5k)

              10 bit out of the HD-SDI
              AVC-LongG to microP2, while keeping AVCHD as an option
              Adding a zoom rocker and some sort of protocol so that someone could develop a zoom lens for it... or at the very least, since I don't know how technically possible that is, partnering/badgering someone like Fujinon into building a short ENG type zoom.
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                avc long g 10 bit 4:2:2 @ 50mbps
                I think 50mbps should be stressed as the minimum bitrate. even if 25 is enough, 50 is still the standard in popular stations

                and the rest is just a resounding
                focus magnify,
                significantly better DR,
                overexposure knee fix,
                oversized sensor,
                higher resolve resolution,
                fs700 overcranking (yeah we can wish),
                genlock (for bruce allen),
                decent price.


                  1. More flexibility for user the dial function beyond frame rate and shutter
                  2. Unearth access to picture profiles, and display them with name, instead of by number (see #1)
                  3. Ditch the EVF. It's at the back and of poor quality. Who uses this thing?
                  Craig Pickthorne
                  Toronto, Canada


                    1. 10 bit 4:2:2 AVC Intra resulting in better highlight handling (yes, that's 2 or 3 in 1, but I'm looking at it holistically)
                    2. 12+ DR
                    3. 1:1 focus assist

                    I'm so appreciative of this, Jan! Thanks, and good luck!


                      Everyone else has already mentioned a lot of video specs, so I'll tackle other items:

                      1. Ergonomics for EnG. This means thought put into where start/stop buttons are laid out, viewfinder and LCD relocation, hand-grip position, and consideration put into balancing the body+lens on a shoulder.
                      2. Option to send all internal info (scopes/peaking/focus assist/etc.) via external outputs (drives me crazy I can't see this stuff on my monitor.) This would be selectable on a per-output jack basis so external recorders wouldn't be affected.
                      3. More solid/professional menu selection device. Not a fan of the flimsy-feeling joystick.


                        1: Go back to the HVX menu system
                        2. 10 bit 4:2:2 AVC Intra
                        3. Larger, higher resolution sensor

                        I'm not asking for focus assist as I have an external monitor with the function that works great. Otherwise, ti would be at the top of the list. It would be great if some of the pre installed scene file settings gave great results as the HVX did, without having to dial in new ones.
                        A feature film shot on the Sony FS7



                          1.) 12-bit 4:4:4 RAW & ProRes 444 HQ recorded direct to SSD (with options for other codecs such as AVC, etc.)
                          2.) s35 sensor with 4K recording & 13-stops DR, with improved VFR (up to 120fps in 1920x1080 (mandates new 35mm PL/Canon EF/Nikon lens mounting)
                          3.) 1920x1080 4.8" LED IPS capacitive multi-touch display w/zoom (with the ability to still control interface view switches/buttons)

                          And of course, no features cut from the AF100. Maybe there would be 2 AF100-ish cameras, an AF100a (MFT) and AF200 (s35) for a bit more $$.

                          This seems like perhaps a lot compared to what's on the market today at this price point, but everything except the sensor size really is a processor/bandwidth issue (this mobile tech is improving rapidly & at low cost), and screens like I mentioned are becoming ubiquitous in tablets & smartphones. If Panny doesn't do this it won't be long until another company does, and wins the market.


                            1. Slo Mo 250fps 1080 - so I don't have to buy a Sony FS700
                            2. M4/2 mount (with larger sensor) - so I can keep using the lens collection I've built up
                            3. Higher real resolution & DR

                            Of course there are more but......
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                              2k or > resolution
                              At least 12 stops of latitude
                              10 bit AVC-Ultra Codec

                              .. + . SSD Drive Support


                                1. Analogue dial for assigning Scene Files (see HVX/HPX)
                                2. Ability to assign specific frame rates from 2-50 to the scene files (see HVX Hack)
                                3. 1:1 Focus Assist

                                Coming from the HVX I really miss having instant access to different scene files at 2, 25 or 50 fps at the twist of a dial,

                                Also be great to see 10 bit 422
                                EVA1, AF101, AC161, GH4