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Converting AF100 footage to 4:3

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    Converting AF100 footage to 4:3

    Note: I posted this yesterday on the FCP forum, no response. Anyone here know?

    I recently shot a project on the AF100 at full HD. I framed everything with 4:3 SD in mind knowing it had to be delivered in 720 x 480 for broadcast. In FCP I set the export settings accordingly, choosing "crop" rather than letterbox, but the resulting file does not fill the quicktime window, it has a black stripe on the left side. How do I deliver a 4:3 file?
    A feature film shot on the Sony FS7

    Watch this


      I would have edited the HD footage in a SD Sequence

      or edited in an HD Sequence and nested in a SD sequence.

      I might also have submastered an intermediate in an HD sequence and taken it into After Effectrs to a SD Comp.

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        Edit everything in HD for archive. Send to compressor. There is a preset for 4x3. You will need to decide on what compression to use. Pretty simple.
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