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Would appreciate rig photos from DOCUMENTARY shooters

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    This is working well for me for now. Zacuto Universal baseplate (previously used on my HVX), Berkey shoulder pad, Manfrotto quickmount and Olaf's handle. SmallHD DP-4 EVF for monitoring.
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    Ric Shellhammer
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      EVF is powered by the Canon battery that came with it (I have three).. Handle is not Olaf's, it's an Aaton from my old super16 camera (handle's the only thing that's worth anything these days). Olaf modeled his (can be seen in picture above) after it - a new Aaton handle is over a grand! Power cord is the old Aaton cord with a mini plug (Radio Shack) soldered on the end. I have a grip on my HPX250 with a simple momentary switch, also from RS, so that is probably how Olaf's works as well...


        Here is mine:



        Real men edit their films in a hex editor.


          docu rig.jpg
          Here is the rig that I put together for the documentary that I am currently shooting/directing. I just put hand grips on it when I want to go hand held.


            This is true run and gun.
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            [ATTACH=CONFIG]53207[/ATTACH]The "pouch" is a small ProMaster camera bag that has a shoulder strap and a belt.. not perfect, but holds 3 lenses and a battery.


              AF100 with complete straight kit, using 1 IDX batteries for counter balance. This is perfectly balanced and the new 3" wide shoulder pad with 3/4" thick foam is very comfortable, this is Sharyns favourite setup.




              More photos here:

              Can be ordered from:

              This is a new line for us we are still expanding the kit.

              We also do a lot of custom kits.
              Olof Ekbergh


                Finally received the Edelkrone monitor holder. Using it in the field tomorrow, but so far seems to work exactly as advertised. It holds my DP6 in place and is very easy to tilt up or down with one hand. It's heavier than my old 6" articulating arm which is the only downside. But I'll trade a bit of weight for something that doesn't need two hands to adjust and will stay put.
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