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Using AF100: LED over Kino Flo for fashion, beauty?

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    Question mark here... you write photographers shift from Kinos to LEDs but do these lights produce sufficient light for still photography especially when using large sensor like Hasselblad? The only times I use kinos for stills is when the shoot is mainly a video shoot. For dedicated still shoots I still use studio flash lights. When using Kinos for stills with my Nikon D300 I'm shooting in ISO 400 or 800 and f5.6 and 150/s or so, this is really on the edge!


      It's a trend I have noticed yes as photographer's love the look they get from the Kino's using Canon and Hasselblad. I'm in Cape Town, South Africa so not sure what others elsewere are doing. LED's very new here for rental. Shoots have to adapt as clients are asking for (mostly 5D) footage to be shot at same time for behind scenes, low budget web commercials etc so photographers have to light for all.


        I'm only using my LED's for video, personally I much prefer shooting with powerful strobes. I have two of the AWESOME Hensel Porty 1200 generator/head systems which are also Lithium battery powered- the freedom of using those in the field is what made me try LEDs for video. I really like the range of lightformers that the Hensel system has, and it has power and short enough flash duration to cope with large softbox diffusion but still kick out impressive power.

        I've only shot tests with the Hasselblad under LED light to test colour rendition. If I wanted shallow depth of field, or I didn't care about short shutter speeds maybe I'd use them for stills, but mostly I'm wanting to whack out enough light to shoot 1/400th of a second at f/10 at ISO 100 or maybe even overpower daylight by a stop or two at 1/800th, and there's just no way the LEDs could do that.

        I light separately for stills and video. Luckily I'm kinda my own client most of the time (I sell the shots and the footage directly to the public, not to a company making products) so I can do that.

        Cheers, Hywel.


          Yes I would say fluos and LEDs aren't powerful enough for proper still photography. For stills I use 4 Visico flash heads with large softboxes. I chose Visico because they have a nice remote control system, with one small remote controller you can change settings for all heads. I used them for shooting these series: The light is very soft here but I wanted it that way. I understand you about portability Hywel, for that I'm experimenting with 12V to 220V convertors, powered by car batteries. Car batteries are much more powerful but also very heavy but when I'm shooting outdoors usually I go there with my car so my car is nearby anyway. One advantage is that I can leave the batteries in my car and have them charged automatically while driving. I love shooting outdoors in the wild at night using the black sky as a background and always hoping for some deer or fox or badger to show up in the background but of course that never happens.


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