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Nanoflash mxf export in Avid

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    Nanoflash mxf export in Avid

    I have MC 5.01 seeing mxf files created with my Nanoflash in AMA mode, but upon trying to export via Avid Codec, Avid advises it cannot export Long-GOP without transcoding first. Yet, the files were created in I-frame mode with Nanoflash. I am updating now to 5.03, but does someone know why Avid thinks this stuff is long gop? The big reason for me buying nanoflash was to use mxf with Avid in a way that would avoid that transcoding issue, as that is a major downside to the AF100 avc workflow for me.

    Dear Bhdfield,

    Updating to the latest Avid version should help your situation.

    Version 5.01 did not work well.

    If I remember correctly version works fine. You can use our files with AMA in this version.


      I think Avid is up to now in updates. Be sure to get the latest version and it should help your situation out.

      Good luck!



        Well I just updated to 5.03, and it still tells me I cannot export a GOP format as a same as source. That leaves me still with transcoding to Avid DNx. Not something I want to do. Is there specific documentation on the best practices for handling this media with Avid, specifically getting it out of Avid in the fastest manner? Since these are mxf files, I was hoping for a workflow simiilar to P2, where I can export a reference quicktime, and 3rd party software can access the media directly. Is this not possible with media created by nanoflash designated I Frame, mxf?


          By the way, I have no trouble seeing those Nanoflash files' video via AMA, and playing them smoothly. What I don't know is why Avid says they are I-frame, and will require transocode and will not permit a same as source export.


            Update, and a bump. I know this is starting to be a one-man conversation, but I'm hoping someone else on here will be able to shed some light on this eventually. So I have update MC 5.03 to the latest patch, which now allows Long-GOP Quicktime reference files export. Great. But you must buy a special pluggin for QT to do anything with it. But, and this is what's really aggravating, why is footage I am recording in Nano as I-Frame mpeg2 at 100 mbs, showing up as Long-GOP in Avid, and being recognized in Quicktime as Long-GOP, requiring a special Long-GOP pluggin to do anything with it. Anybody out there know the best way to deal with OUTPUTTING Nano footage, and why Avid is dealing with as Long_GOP even if it is not?


              Dear Friends,

              In the nanoFlash are you recording using Video|Codec| Long-GOP or I-Frame Only?

              If you specify Long-GOP you will obtain normal Sony XDCam 4:2:2 footage in Long-GOP (if your bit rate is 50 Mbps or higher, otherwise 4:2:0), and the Long-GOP Sequence will be using I, B, and P frames.

              If you specify I-Frame Only, you still get a Long-GOP sequence, but all of the frames will be I-Frames, that is why we call it I-Frame Only.

              If you have selected MXF as your file extension, then you should be using AMA MXF Plug-In and using AMA if you can.

              If you want, you can select MOV as your file extension, but I do not have enough knowledge, at this moment, to discuss how you use this in various versions of Avid.

              Have you tried contacting our customer support at 720------------ 221 ----------------- 3861?

              Please ask for Andy, and he should be able to assist further.


              Dan Keaton
              Convergent Design


                thank you for your posting. I have solved the problem followed your instruction.