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SD card advice for AF100

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    Originally posted by diputsboy View Post
    agreed. its very likely i have a counterfeit card. i'd avoid marketplace sellers, if i were to amend my recommendation.

    i purchased a panasonic class 10 card to verify that it is, in fact, the card thats an issue.
    I got my Panasonic Gold cards from Amazon- just check the retailer- made sure mine came from Adorama. Adorama rocked for all my accessories BTW.


      Originally posted by Chris Lawes View Post
      Can you hot-swap a fresh card into one of the sdxc slots in the AF100 while it is recording?
      No, you cannot. Once you open the SD card door, the camera begins to close and protect the clip you're currently writing, I believe.
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        Originally posted by Barry_Green View Post
        Another reason why when you hear complaints of card failures of any particular brand, you're gonna have to take them with a little bit of a grain of salt because there's really not all that much you can do to verify whether the person complaining had a legitimate card or a fake.
        Mr Green, I bought Transcend from Newegg and Lexar from B&H, so they were legit.


          What I don't understand is why go beyond class 6 recording for video. Even at 35Mbs XDCAM EX class 6 will record 720/60 without a hiccup. My understanding is (correct me if I am wrong) that the faster the card more prone to failure it will be. I poked around B&H page and was reading a lot of reviews of class 2 and 4 cards and failures were not as frequent as class 6 or 10. So why not stay with class 6 and make it more reliable?


            Do not purchase from Amazon Marketplace seller BoBotechnic - the card is counterfeit. I purchased a legit SanDisk Extreme Class 10 card today from Best Buy, and VFR works now.


              Originally posted by robertrogoz View Post
              Mr Green, I bought Transcend from Newegg and Lexar from B&H, so they were legit.

              I've got the above legit new Transcend 64 GB SDXC Class 10 card with Lifetime Warranty up for auction ending tonight...
              current bid is only at $157.95 and a super bargain anywhere south of the $180.70 from Amazon

              Ends tonight, super deal!


                Panasonic Gold 16GB best deal vs performance/reliability.

                But "buyer beware". When I get a chance I am going to test the Panasonic cards to see if what they say is true about regarding power loss.

                Other than that I like the other pluses they have that extend the wear life of the card.

                (fyi: I had and now passed down to my kids a Canon G7 with a 2 GB SanDisk Extreme. It's been washed in my shirt pocket once and another time was lost in the fall and found in the spring. After sitting under a snow bank it still works today. This in no way compares to the amount of data that is written and re-written to cards in the AF100.)
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                  In case anyone is interested in a multi card reader here is a thread I started a month or so ago. It just arrived today.



                    I trust Transcend more than SanDisk, as I've never had a problem with Transcend, and it's the only media I shoot on. Now if Panasonic really does have some extra features added to their cards, than it could be worth it. But Transcend has some great error checking features of their own built into their cards.


                      From transcends site:

                      .....Transcend’s SDHC Class 6 series features ECC (Error Correcting Code) to automatically detect and correct errors during data transfer, preventing data corruption and missing files. Transcends manufactures all of its SDHC cards using brand name NAND Flash chips and premium quality components to ensure robust, long-life durability and performance. For further peace of mind, all SDHC cards are comprehensively tested for compatibility and reliability, and carry Transcend’s renowned Lifetime Warranty.
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                        Not meaning to change the subject but i have had my AF100 for a month and just got my GH2 today. My problem is where in heck to you buy batteries for the GH2 i haven't had any luck finding any thus far. Stuart


                          I got a couple from H and B Digital, I think they were $54.95 each.
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                            Originally posted by robertrogoz View Post
                            I started shooting tapeless in August of 2009. Since that time I had 3 Transcend (16GB, class 6) and one Lexar failure. All failures with Transcend were in mildly cold conditions- about 20-25F, which really is not cold at all. Lexar died in the desert in about 95F. All failures were total and no footage could be recovered. I was shooting for 2 documentaries and it made me looks like a total amateur- sorry guys no summit footage as my card died in cold. Ever since I am only using Sandisc Extreme III (16GB class 6) and I also have one gold Panasonic 32GB class 6. I mostly use 16GB, just because if the card dies you loose less. I keep 32 GB if I am filming something longer.
                            Are you sure that was the fault of the Transcend card and not the limitation of the camera?

                            According to the Panasonic "manuals":

                            AF100 operating range is: 32F - 104F
                            HMC150 operating range is also: 32F - 104F
                            HMC80 operating range is also: 32F - 104F
                            HPX3700 operating range is also: 32F - 104F

                            The operating range for the Transcend class 6 SDHC cards is -13F to 185F.

                            The operating range for the Lexar Professional SDHC cards is -4F to +158F.

                            The operating range for the Sansdisk Extream HC class 6 card is -13F to 185F.

                            In "theory" it does not seem likely that the problems you experianced were due to to extream temperatures upon the card. However, it does seem possible that the camera was unable to handle those temperatures.

                            What do you think?



                              I just got a couple of 32GB PNY Professional cards. They both tested 100%, at ~13.1MB/s. I probably won't use these as my main cards, the idea was to have a portable backup where I could make an on the spot, card to card copy of footage, and maybe hand the card to the client.
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                                Anyone tried Eye-Fi Pro X2?
                                Are they slow at class 6?