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    AC90: Changing default name of clips

    I have looked and googled but....

    The default onthe AC90 is for clips to be named "Clip #1", "Clip #2" etc however I have two AC90 cameras and it would be helpful to have them do something like C1 #1, C1 #2 and C2 #1, C2 #2 etc so I can differentiate the clips.

    I assume that some one (probably @Barry_Green ) will be along and say "on page X of my book" (which I have) or"page X of the manual" etc and I will feel silly as I assumes that I can't be the only person who has this problem and there is probably a very obvious solution.

    Thanks in advance

    Edit... I mean change the default name for the clips in the camera. Not after I have downloaded them the the Mac
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    As far as I know all AVCHD cameras will start at 00001 (can't remember exactly how many zero's there are!) each time you format a card. There's no way I know of to change this as it is built into the AVCHD spec/folder structure. Though if you're actually getting clips called "Clip 1" etc then obviously I'm mistaken!

    It is a big oversight on the part of whoever designed the format, as in professional applications it is not uncommon to have multiple cameras with multiple cards per day, all with duplicated file names. Other formats, like MXF, generally use a rolling counter that doesn't reset when you format cards. They can also have the prefix edited as desired.
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      The response from Panasonic thus far is that the numbering is in the "private" folder and should not be changed. Also there is no way of adding a prefix in the camera's menu system..... :-(

      AFIACS there is no bulk renaming function in FCPX either on import or after :-(
      EDIT2: RTFM...Oh yes there is.. :-) Now I am renaming on import.

      EDIT. The confirmation is that it can't be done. The only solution Panasonic can offer is to use their P2 utility to rename the files *after* moving them off the SD card.
      This is as Dletoldjohn says a major flaw in the AVCCAM system and not at all helpful if you are using more than one camera.

      Right... on the the FCPX forums to see if there is a sensible way to do it on import as you can (manually and individually) rename clips in FCPX
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