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Warrranty issue AC-AG-160A

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    AC160: Warrranty issue AC-AG-160A

    My 3 year warranty runs out and I have a possible issue that may need sending in the camera

    The problem is with the distance meter (non-linear overstatement of actual distance)

    If anyone has the time, please run a test so I can have a baseline for getting warranty service

    ================================================== =====================

    Here below is a comparison of measured distances to an object (black and white bulls-eye) compared to the distance reported by the camera.

    Conclusion: My camera overstates distance by as much as 5 meters, the variance is non-linear.

    Camera _ Actual _ Diff
    25 m _ 25 m _ 0
    23 m _ 21 m _ +2
    21 m _ 17 m _ +4
    18 m _ 13 m _ +5
    12 m _ 09 m _ +3
    5.8 m _ 05 m _ +1

    test conditions:
    red focus assist
    daylight wb
    Z86 (full zoom)
    Iris 4.8
    ND 1/4
    0 db
    spot meter ON
    measurement device: surveyor's 200 ft tape measure

    Hi Walter

    I've never done any formal tests. But the distance meter has never been accurate on my AC160.



      Thanks, John, for the input.

      I should have read the manual . . .just noticed that Panasonic does warn in their manual on page 94 . . . . "The [mm/feet display and [mm/m] display may be in error, so please use them as approximations".

      What we haeve learned after all of this is that the error can be as high as 38% (if my particular camera is representative of all AG-AC160A's)

      The meter is useful at the NUMBER setting to establish reference points for front, mid and back stage event recordings where you need to requently change focus.

      I have never doubted the repeatability and suppose I could make a conversion chart but I can't think of a situation where I need to rely on distance to set focus.
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