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    AC90: Faces

    I'm shooting performances, i.e. people on stage: concerts (classical, pop, ...), theatre productions, musicals etc.
    Usually there is some stage lighting.

    Recording a choir (60 singers) in action gives me a problem: faces seem to be too mushy.

    Is "spotlight mode" the only help to avoid over exposed faces? What are the AG-AC90 means to improve sort of sharpness and contrast in faces, possibly in combination with "spotlight mode"?

    I have an Ag-AC160A that may have quite different features but I do about 30 stage events a year and the usual checklist I go through is:

    1) nothing on auto, no special scene file, no gain
    2) white/black balance with a white card, typically from about 60 feet, with lights up
    3) red peaking ON.
    4) the spot meter frame set to show area luminescence ON

    I then go to focus (front stage, mid stage, back stage) .

    I get the lighting folks to put the lights fairly high and check the zebra and waveform.

    Usually the cast comes on stage for blocking test, costume check etc, I put the spot frame on something I don't want to burn out and make sure i set f-stop so that luminescence is between 28-32%, avoid f-stops over 5

    I have never had problems with faces, I have never used face tracking so no clue if that works/does not work.

    Sharpness under these conditions is likely to be solely related to focus.

    I don't see why you can be having sharpness and contrast problems.


      More info

      I am using Barry's Cine-Like D
      Detail -3
      V detail+1
      Corint -2
      Chroma Level0
      Chroma Phase+2
      Master Ped -8
      Drs Off
      Drs Efect 1
      Gamma Cine - Like D
      Knee High
      Matrix - Cine Like
      Skin Tone Detail OFF