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Green / Purple Glitching

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    AC160: Green / Purple Glitching

    Hello DvxUser community!
    The other day I noticed my camera doing this weird color glitching. At first I thought it was my LCD being weird but it was actually recording like this. This was recorded at 1080 60p, stabilization off. Sometime the glitch would be 1 frame or multiple frames. Sometimes the image would freeze.
    Anybody have any idea what the problem could be and any suggestions on how to fix it? Any knowledge is welcome! Thank you!

    My guess is the extremely blown background made the sensor malfunction and/or it's a card writing error. If so, both could actually be linked because of the overload the camera was hit with causing it to drop frames/corrupt the recording for a second or two while it gathers itself together.

    If he's been trying that trick in that same spot for hours and it just happened there a few times, I'd write it off as an exposure anomaly.