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Cine-type camera with remote zoom and focus?

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    Cine-type camera with remote zoom and focus?

    I posted here earlier, but briefly by way of background I'm trying to design a remote controllable studio. I know PTZ cameras are a fallback but I'm not super in love with the look we get out of them, even the expensive 1 inch sensor models. Is anyone aware of a way to achieve the following? I've been researching forever but have only managed to put pieces of the puzzle together.
    • UHD resolution
    • Reasonable low light performance (ideally similar to Pocket/GH5S)
    • UHD HDMI or SDI out, OR internal recording that can be remotely triggered and retrieved
    • Remote controllable pan/tilt, focus and zoom (that's the tricky one)
    • Pro audio input (XLR, mini XLR) a plus but not critical as I can pair at the ATEM
    • Ideally sub C200 level pricing, so around a Z CAM or Pocket 6k.

    Am I chasing a unicorn?

    Sony FS7 FS5? FX9 have available sony lenses with build in zoom motors that may be remotely controllable.

    You may aslo consider some 1in chip 'handycam' cameras sony z90 canon 405-705 View my feature Film


      Maybe the new Panasonic MFT cinema camera? Seems like it's designed for remote work and wont be too expensive. I'm not sure if you can trigger zooms remotely but they make little M43 power zooms - "Within the Panasonic M43 mirrorless, there are the 14-42 f/3.5-56 PZ and 45-175 f/4-5.6 PZ that are power zoom lenses "

      Remote control pan and tilt is easy - stick it on a Ronin-S or SC. For focus, use a smartphone app for the camera maybe

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        I know it is funky but one can go to (or could before covid) a physical dealer, probably even get a rep in if you want to buy a 2-3 camera system

        Get them to set it up and demo it to you.

        It would seem your choices are panny or sony and doubtless canon have a system if you have the pocket deep enough.

        Canon View my feature Film


          I think he means controlling the cameras remotely from a different location.

          That's the challenge.

          Otherwise you could pretty much use any camera with wired/wireless assistance if you're in the same room.


            THings like the canon v100 enable remote control do they not?

            Do you mean like another building/continent - in which case that would be over the internet?

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              Yes...remotely controlled vs. controlling with a remote.


                Sorry, busy week. Yes, controllable from a different suburb and city (but fortunately not a different continent!). I have the option of controlling via a PC based locally in the room that I VNC into, or directly via the organisational network.

                I've solved almost everything except for the zoom question. Lighting can be remote controlled via VNC. Audio I set conservative and leave there. Exposure, focus, codec, settings, record and transfer can be done quite nicely with the new Panasonic BGH1 via Lumix Tether (I've only tested the GH5S but believe they function similar). Even if I had a servo zoom (and they both look quite low end) I'm unsure how these are controlled over distance. Pan and tilt is solved via one of these: