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JVC GY-HM700 - Strange Artefact Issue

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    JVC GY-HM700 - Strange Artefact Issue


    about a month ago I accidentally left my JVC left on in it's bag for several hours. Naturally, it got rather warm!

    Since then I have had issues with horizontal lines flickering mostly at the bottom of the frame and rippling up, through the rest. It seems to increase with camera movement - pans & zooms and at higher apertures .

    I expect it's stuffed (although it occasionally works ok; not so often I'd trust it on a job!) but can't find any other examples of this issue so wondering if anyone can explain what's going on?

    Example below.

    Any advice, suggestions most appreciated.

    I have not seen that yet on any of our cameras at work. I'm guessing that you either have a bad sensor block, or the circuit board they plug into. If you decide to open the camera to look for loose connectors, you need to be aware of the construction. What you are looking for is under the side with the LCD. Two small screws in the front above and below the lens mount, one under the lcd, 2 more next to the battery, and 2 more covered by the shoulder pad. The long screws go in the front. When you pull the cover, there are two FFC cables that connect main board to audio board, they are folded up and fragile! There really isn't much you can do in there besides checking to make sure the FFC's coming off the sensors are connected. After that you will need to send it back for repair, and you'll need to send the lens and viewfinder with it, they don't seem to have these items on the services benches (at least not in the USA). The circuit board ran us about $800, the imager was around $1300 (USD), I doubt it needs both. Good used cameras are selling around $2000usd, but the history will be unkown.


      Thanks for that! Yeah, I know someone who has experience looking inside them sight defer to them to check. Either way, spending money on repairs is unfeasible. Camera has served me well and still comes in handy quite often. Disappointing to bugger it up after all these years with such a stupid mistake.


        If it is paid for and well used, you probably will want to recycle it and buy something newer. I have one out for service right now, it had an error on the screen that said turn off and turn back on later. Still made an image and still recorded clips, but I bet they put an imager or circuit board in. We've now had 4 of them do this or just go black in the viewfinder/lcd. Each time we have to consider what it would cost to outfit 12 new cameras vs. keep paying for service when they go bad. The service keeps winning right now.

        And unless your shop has the full service manual (which they wouldn't let me have) and the cables and software, there isn't much that can be done other than sending it back to JVC. This is the first company that has given me grief over getting the service manual, I have parts and can do a few things, but would have liked the full thing. If the software and cables were cheap enough, I would have bought that as well.

        You can get into the service menu by holding the "display" button when you power the camera on. Then press focus assist (on the side, not the handle) and user3 and menu button. In there you can scroll through to the error log and see if anything is logged, but I bet it is empty.