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    Just wanted to say the event was really cool and it was nice meeting Erik. There were quite a few vendors that I talked with for quite awhile and obtained some valuable information for myself. Next time Barbizon does this, I really recommend checking it out.

    Also, have you considered doing a show in Durham to get people from all over the triangle to attend? I know Raleigh specifically has quite a huge filmmaker base that I am just barely discovering. There are a multitude of filmmaker groups. Maybe if you worked something out with Carolina Theatre, which does the Escapism Film Festival, it might be nice to do an event like this around a film festival as well.

    In any case, again, thanks!

    formerly know as grimepoch.


      I would second that. I'm also in the triangle area, and would have liked to attend something like this.


        It was great to meet a few members from the forum at the event - special thanks to Dom from Panasonic and Mike Grier from WHPlatts for putting the 3D camera, AF100 and HPX370 on the show floor! Having Panasonic there was a real coup!

        If anyone has questions or would like more information on products you saw at the tradeshow, please feel free to drop me a line!

        And now, back to your regular NC Meet-up thread!

        Erik Olson