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    Utah Meetings SLC

    If there is anyone interested in starting a meeting in Utah email me at I am currently a member of UPVA (Utah Professional Videographers association) but have decided that it is not right for me for many reasons, and I am not going to be going anymore.

    I personally know 14 people in Utah and I will try and contact them into seeing if they are interested. I will also contact people I know that use the XL2. It should be fun and entertaining.

    Re: Utah Meetings SLC

    Hello Magic...,

    Although I am in Tucson AZ, and most likely not an attendee,
    I do want to write words of encouragement.

    I saw ZERO responses to your post...

    Please encourage those 14 to join in ...

    They will bring life to this thread...

    and, perhaps, one or more, of them will meet with our newly
    forming "4 Courners" group this summer.

    Best regards and best wishes,

    - BRM -
    deviant...One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.