--- Package has been SOLD ---

$4000 for the whole package, or willing to sell separate components per the following prices. USA buyers using Venmo only. Originally had it listed on Ebay, but **** their seller fees. Kit contains everything you need to start filming, just note that it doesn't record audio. That would have to be recorded externally.

$1750 - Sony F35 body PL-Mount w/ 2782 hours (NOTE: I have noticed several dead pixels unfortunateoly, unable to clear with black balancing, had to use Resolve to remove. Priced low due to hot pixels. The thumb lever on the PL mount is loose, I just don't have the correct Torx screwdriver to tighten it. It doesn't cause any issues with the security of the lens and should be easy to tighten with the correct screwdriver. Camera still produces amazing images if you're willing to deal with dead pixels.)

$1000 - Sony HDVF-C30WR viewfinder (The best color viewfinder for this camera. Amazing VF and quite rare. Other Sony VF's (the original C30W non-"R" version) could be damaged by direct sun exposure, Sony fixed that issue with this version and it has no issues.)

$750 - GLOptics 18-35mm F/1.8 PL lens (Great lens, very solid metal constructed and professionally converted from a Sigma 18-35mm to have be geared, parfocal, and have a declicked aperture. NOTE: The aperture ring is loose, could use an adjustment. Not loose enough to slip to another aperture setting on it's own but it is loose)

-NiSi 77mm ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1.5-5 Stops Enhanced Variable ND Filter (Very high-quality variable ND with virtually no color cast, and no X-pattern)

$1000 -BandPro Codex CDX-P055 (Very rare interface with 4 SDI out's --only 1 SDI out needed for 10-bit 4:2:2 via the BM Video Assist. Again, if you get a recorder like the Odyssey 7Q then you could do 12-bit 4:4:4, but that is not included in this kit.This box replaces the need for the heavy/bulky Sony interface box.)

-Blackmagic Video Assist 5" 3G (Touchscreen recorder for 10-bit 4:2:2 via SD cards. Nice clear screen with option for monitoring LUTs, false color, focus peaking, etc.)

-SanDisk Extreme PRO 512GB & 256GB SDXC cards (for hours and hours of recording, honestly not sure how many hours of recording as I've never gotten close to filling them up.)

-Tilta V-Mount Plate (Power the camera & BM Video Assist via a V-mount battery)

-SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954B (Allows you to go from shoulder-mount to a VCT-14 tripod plate (not included) and accepts 15mm rods for lens support or handles. I will include 2x 4" carbon fiber 15mm rods to mount the Tilta V-mount on the rear)

-IndiPro 95Wh V-Mount Battery (Small starter battery to just get it running. The camera is power-hungry and on this battery would last 45 min - 1 hr)

-Custom-made milled aluminum viewfinder mount (This viewfinder mount & shoe is slightly higher & to the left than an original Sony mount to fix clearance issues with the Sony version where the VF was hitting the top of some compact PL lenses. It is much better than the original Sony mount.)

-Custom-made AC adapter with 20 feet (6 meter) cord

-Custom-made V-mount battery plate with 3 foot (1 meter) cord and belt clip

-SmallRig Top Handle (I prefer this as it's much lighter / less bulky than the Sony top handle)

-Original Sony Top Handle

-SmallRig Field Monitor Holder Mount (Allows you to attach the Blackmagic Video Assist off the back of the SmallRig top handle)

-SmallRig Dual Cold Shoe Extension (Allows you to attach the Blackmagic Video Assist off the back of the SmallRig top handle)

-SZRMCC D Tap to 3B.308 8 Hole Female Power Cable (Powers the camera via the Tilta V-mount plate)
-DRRI D-Tap Male to DC Barrel 5.5x2.5mm Right Angle Power Cable for Black Magic Video Assist (Powers the BM Video Assist via D-tap to the battery / Titla plate)
-Micro BNC to BNC (SDI output from the Codex box to the BM Video Assist micro-BNC port to record / monitor footage)

Thanks for looking,