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256GB OWC RAM Memory Upgrade Kit for iMac PRO

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    [FS: General] 256GB OWC RAM Memory Upgrade Kit for iMac PRO


    I am selling a lightly used 256GB OWC RAM Memory Upgrade Kit for the iMac PRO

    4 x 64GB PC21300 DDR4 ECC-R 2666MHz LRDIMMs RAM for iMac Pro

    It is the most cost-effective and powerful and affordable RAM kit you can buy for your iMac Pro, dollar for dollar.
    And precisely because of that, this particular kit is SOLD OUT at OWC

    It is lightly used, I used ot to edit a feature film on my iMac Pro, no other uses. Performed fantastically well for our editing software, the machine operated like butter.

    The otiginal price at OWC is 1,580, I am selling for only $1,250.

    Remember, it is SOLD OUT so you can't even get it new, if you wished.

    Thank you!
    Last edited by George A.; 10-03-2022, 08:45 AM.

    REDUCED TO ONLY $1,200

    Also, including two images showing that this product is SOLD OUT for being in very hight demand.