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    [SOLD] Feelworld 7" Monitor

    Do you film outside? 2200 nits!

    Many other features as well.

    $220, shipped - brand new - please message me to discuss - thank you.
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      That is a good score for a 7" and with that brightness. I very recently bought a 5.5" Feelworld F5 Pro v2. It was Cdn $180. 500 cd/m2. I consider it my entry into camera monitors to see what they're all about in actual use in my situations, not someone else's situations.
      If OP is interested in going that low in the market, a few observations. The F5 screen runs hot! No reviews mentioned this but it was a frequent remark about the low range Godox monitor as well. It's the reason I gave the Godox a pass and yet I still end up with that characteristic. It keeps a small power status light active when the battery is mounted and that does draw down the battery. I could have done without that so I can leave the battery on during downtime. If you so much as brush a finger over the power switch the unit will turn off. There is no hold delay for power down. I don't know if the rest of the Feelworld's are like that. On the upside, lots of settings to be found in the menus and lots of jacks for data and for powering options. Maybe they all have that but I found it pretty nice, again taking into consideration I'm still working my mind around how best to set up this monitor or a future one with the cameras, tripods, etc. for power and for signal routing.


        Mmmm, me thinks you're not supposed to grade other members offerings...
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