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Iscorama 1100 MC 1.5x focus-through anamorphic lens !!!rare!!!

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    [FS: Optics] Iscorama 1100 MC 1.5x focus-through anamorphic lens !!!rare!!!

    Hello, I am selling my 1.5x anamorphic Iscorama 1100 MC, it is a projection lens for a Kodak slide device.

    Its adapter and its 80mm prime is also provided (removable), as well as the original box.

    No need for a rear clamp, I provide a ring that adapts the back of the anamorphic in 52mm filter size. Its alignment system is very simple and very practical, much more than on other systems. It has no front thread, you will need to invest in a front clamp (Redstan for example) if you want to put a filter on it.

    It is in a very good cosmetic condition, the front lens is ok, the rear lens has slight discolorations I don't know exactly what it is, but there are no influences on the photos or videos.
    It fits on primary lenses, from 50mm on full frame (slight vignetting on 50mm-58mm), I tested it on a 58mm Helios-44, an 85mm Takumar and a 135mm Pentax-M, and is very sharp from full aperture, like all the results on the Iscorama family.

    Normally this lens is supposed to be "focusable" from 5m to 8m but on the 58mm its minimum focus distance is 5 meters (below with diopters) and its maximum is around 30 meters. You can have an exploitable infinity by closing at F8. At higher focal lengths the maximum focusing distance decreases. Please see the test on the link bellow.
    Focusing is done only through the "taking lens" (prime lens).

    This is a great opportunity to have an Iscorama that will give you breathtaking cinemascope results, whether in photos or video. Its price is much more advantageous than its brother the Iscorama 36 for similar results.

    Here some video stills and photo with Sony A7RII

    Here one rough 4k video with Sony A7RII (password : seb)