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Canon 25-100 f1.8 (c-mount)

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    [FS: General] Canon 25-100 f1.8 (c-mount)

    I'm currently selling my Canon 25-100 f1.8 constant aperture c-mount lens which I bought to shoot video on my GH2 using the crop mode, I never used it because I got another lens with a similar focal range and decent aperture. It does gives you vignetting (not as heavy as other c-mounts) without the crop mode, but if you shoot low light scenes and zoom all the way you'll see a lot less vignetting.

    One thing special about this lens is that it is in pristine conditions, something very rare on lenses this old. Even the zoom lever was still in its plastic wrap, I just took it out to test it.

    Price $385 USD (or better offer)

    Ebay Post:


    Sample footage: