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Focus peoking & zebra. Possible for GH2 through firmware add-on ?

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    Focus peoking & zebra. Possible for GH2 through firmware add-on ?

    Hi. I was wondering if there still have some people interested to develop and add new functions for gh2 ? the twom main ones that are still missing, for me, are focus peaking & zebra. Is there "workers" interested enough for this ? I know it's possible, other brands like Sony did add those through firmware updates for their own cams before.

    Are there any competent people on DVX that can pull this off ?

    Thanks to answer & share your opinion(s).

    I doubt anyone is working on GH2 anymore, with all the new cameras. You can get a relatively cheap G7 with zebras and focus peaking.

    If you want to stay with GH2, there are HDMI monitors that have zebras and focus peaking built-in.

    Like this one:

    There's a used one in that link for $150 ^


      My only issue with the gh2 hdmi is that it forces you to 1080/30psf, wish I could get other resolutions and frame rates when hdmi is connected.


        I have no issue with 30fps. With the right lens and coloring, you can get a cinematic look. To me, it looks more fluid for the web.

        Either way, I don't think it's worth spending too much on the GH2 while the G7 is an option (100mbps 4k/peaking/zebras) addition to other 4k cams available now. They had them open box during the holidays for $399. I'm sure once the GH5 comes out, the G7 price is going to permanently drop. Takes the same batteries as the GH2.