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    Originally posted by ken steadman View Post
    i will gladly donate to you for your efforts.
    (even if nothing pans out).
    Zack - Alignment Productions
    Panasonic GH-13 / Lumix 7-14mm f4 / Lumix 14-140mm f4 / Vivitar 24mm f2 / Canon FD 28mm f2.8 / Tokina SD 28-70mm f3.5 / Canon FD 50mm f1.4 / MBP 2.66GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB RAM / MACPRO quad 2.7GHz, 8GB RAM / Twin 23" LCD's / FCS2 / AECS4 / Atari 2600


      Useful donation could be only GH1 for experiments.

      I want you to remind that we almost don't have any text inside firmware. So, it'll be extremely hard to try to remove AGC (even if found only option will be to turn on analog and digital gains and use it as linear level input). If anyone have photos of GH1 main PCB it could help a little.

      Service manual also could help.
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        I have the service manual and the pics of the inside - PM me. Not much info there though. Just shows how to disassemble the camera and a few other things.

        Another thought is to see if anyone knows someone at Panasonic who can get a copy of the 'tatsujin' software that allows control of the camera from a computer via USB. Perhaps that will allow some tweaking.... who knows - although this software is really only for experts - perhaps it allows uncompressed HDMI for testing purposes. Just a thought.But keep very quiet about it's intended use.........he he he
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          Originally posted by tester13 View Post
          Why do you need block diagrams and how they can help you (from my previous expirience with such things they won't much)?
          Inside camera you have special LSI chip, normally with CPU and DSP. Usually they share same command set, but DSP have extensions and some low level parts are similar to FPGA.
          LSI detail are closed for every major manufacturers.
          The questions that are being asked, deal with the DSP, AVCHD encoding, and data pathways.

          Sure, in some applications the DSP and the management CPU are one and the same. In other applications, data is processed in 'engines' that are just dropped in and configured/managed by the management CPU.

          So, yeah, for a TI320 it did everything... for apps that use an ARM for the management, unless the DSP needs are really low, a separate DSP engine is used.

          With the FPGAs one can collect a set of functions, and depending on the size one can have a large number of interconnects.

          Here's a link to the Panasonic page regarding software development environments for the MM101/103 processors. Don't know if the GH-1 uses the realtime OS mentioned
          on this page or not.

          But the bottom line is, unless you have a 'picture', a 'block' diagram, you're pretty much shooting in the dark.
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            As I said, diagram won't help much. Yes, it is good to have all information. But reality is slightly different :-)
            Both software development enviroument and diagrams didn't helped much in Pentax DSLRs case. As development tools are very different for LSI chips (libraries, realtime os, configuration, many things).
            As for shooting in the dark - I can't agree. Normally high level stuff can be understood quite good without detailed DSP knowledge.


              Hello tester13

              It's a service manual link:

              It working on the Internet explorer (for my FireFox it don't work).

              Nice job!


       are full of guys who might be of use too.


                  Originally posted by NURBS View Post
                  Hello tester13

                  It's a service manual link:

                  It working on the Internet explorer (for my FireFox it don't work).
                  SM looks interesting. Expecially schematics.
                  Audio board is of most interest.
                  But most parts (Audio PCB, etc) don't show even on IE.
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                    Here is this info on the tatsujin


                    This post is kinda interesting too:


                    and the forum on flickr for the fz18


                    I just DP'd a shoot with a camera operator who owned a 7D. It was nice to have the live HDMI out to my 28" viewsonic monitor. The clients loved watching on it. Let's make this happen on the GH1!


                      Thanks all you guys.
                      We now have service manual at hand (I also have PDF version).
                      Unfortunately Audio P.C.B. schematics are not present because it is not serviceable part.
                      So, we need macro photos of this part. It is located on the top of all internal assembly, so if anyone risky enough to remove outer shell and photo at top PCB from both sides, you are welcome.

                      All we know that internal mics use NJM2747 op-amp :-)
                      And we must know CODEC chip used. It is on Audio P.C.B.
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                        This is a high quality version of the main board and I will hunt for the audio one but it seems hard to find.Hope this at least helps in a way.
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                          Originally posted by henryolonga View Post


                          does this help?This is the main board and I will hunt for the audio one.
                          Perfect work :-)

                          Here is even more interesting link:

                          Found using main LSI name.
                          Btw it is possible to order this LSI for research :-)

                          LSI - MN89520RF
                          Memory - by Epida


                            Good find - let me add my voice to the throng of people - all I care about is uncompressed HDMI. Tester13 - if you achieve this I will gladly donate 100 or even more to you if you can upgrade my GH1 to have uncompressed HDMI. This may mean I can get close to the AF100 less 5000.

                            Pulldown,24p,Bitrate,AGC and other settings IMHO are not as important as uncompressed HDMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once we have this quality we can do other things in post.


                              ZS1 and ZS3, GF1 etc. also use MN89520RF.
                              May be we could find service manuals for them also.
                              Unfortunately, ZS3 firmware is encrypted. And this requires time to research and understand how it is encrypted.
                              Otherwise it could be good testing bed, much cheaper.
                              But, as can understand, firmware have build in dumping capability.
                              These service software must have necessary command.

                              As for live HDMI output, most probably it is impossible.
                              I don't know how to write large chunck of pure assembly code without any documentation
                              and almost no text references in reversed listing.

                              Most probably camcorder will be using same chip as in GH2 and few other upcoming models.

                              Today main thing is to make good photos of Audio P.C.B.
                              Knowing Codec model it is possible to know used registers and parameters and after this it is possible to find proper disassembled parts.
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                                Hey Tester, is there any way that us lowly non-developers can help? If you really think that a firmware hack for AGC or codec bitrate is possible, I would gladly donate to a project like this. What is the risk that you brick your GH1 in testing a custom firmware?