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Gh3 60p 1/2000 ?

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    GH3 Gh3 60p 1/2000 ?

    I've looked around but haven't found an answer to this question:
    Can the GH3 shoot 60P with the shutter set to 1/2000 of a second?
    I have a project that is basically a motion study of horses jumping over a hurdle. The footage is examined frame by frame, so a sharp image is preferred.

    I can confirm that the GH3 does indeed shoot 60p at 1/2000th shutter speed. However, you'll need a lot of light. I was wide open at f2.8 and needed a ISO 400 for the bright sky to register at a little less than 100% IRE. Good luck with your project.
    Benjamin Bettenhausen
    Mahalo Video


      Thank you Benjobe for confirming that, I'll be outside on a hopefully sunny day so we should have enough light.


        I did a Grand Prix jumper class and found out that you can use about half the shutter speed with Video that you would use for stills and still get sharp images.