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    GH3 Multiple Picture Settings

    Does anyone here use multiple picture settings? Many users for example set their cameras to shoot at -5, -5, -2, -5 (just an example!), but we are always shooting under different lighting conditions. So if I have, say, my contrast down to -5, it looks fine in sunlight, but in the shade it's way too flat. The reason I bring this up is because when editing, it seems to me it would save a lot of time if the clips were more consistent. So my question is, wouldn't it be best to work with at least two custom settings, one for contrasty situations, the other for flat lighting? I'm still trying to figure out what's best for me.
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    It is true that in soft light (cloudy day etc.) you can use more contrast in camera. Picture is then more vivid and punchy. But does must hard and soft scene look the same. You must choose. I shoot always wiht contrast -5 because GH3 -5 is not very flat anyway. In my high contrast plasma tv -5 looks fine always . not too flat. Other issue is that you cannot program picture control to FN-buttons so it is difficult to change contrst during shoot. It is stupid because you can still program many useless features to FN but not what you need when actually shooting.