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1 Minute Short - inspired by early avant-garde film

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    GH2 1 Minute Short - inspired by early avant-garde film

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to show you this experimental short I did last week. It's based on a poem that I recently wrote and it's inspired by the likes of 1920's Surrealism, German Expressionism and Soviet Montage.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    I love it.

    There's not much to discuss - you either like this type of film making, or you don't.

    Although I suppose it could be analyzed on things like consistency and flow and pace. All of which hold up just fine in this one.

    I find these about a million times more interesting than music videos.

    Perhaps one day I will branch out and attempt to create works of less traditional formats - like this one.

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      Interesting that you chose a 4:3 ratio, I liked it overall especially some of the effects you used.


        Thanks for the nice comments! It's actually the slightly wider 1:37 academy aspect ratio.
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          How did you do the mirror scene, one calm face in the big mirror, one not at all calm in the little mirror. I can think of ways I'd try to do it, but I'd probably fail.


            I took the same locked off shot with both me with a straight face and my face going crazy. I sped up the crazy one to make it extra crazy. I put them in separate layers one above the other, and then masked out (Premiere has this built in nowadays) the mirror on the top layer so the layer underneath would be revealed. You then end up with normal and crazy in one shot.

            If you look closely, the edges of the mirror get slightly weird since I was handholding the mirror and it wasn't completely steady - but since I'm going for a Surrealistic lo-fi aesthetic anyway, I figured I could get away with it.
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