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Mini Documentary (ghost hunting) low light GH4

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    GH4 Mini Documentary (ghost hunting) low light GH4

    I went ghost hunting a couple weeks ago and got some interviews to put together a short documentary of the place. I only had 1 on camera LED light which I hand held off to the side during the interviews. The main interview was iso 3200 and the others were 800, so you can notice a difference in grain/noise. Just thought id show you guys some cheap interview shots and ask for advice for future videos like this.

    (why doesn't the embed work for youtube?)

    Camera - Panasonic GH4

    Lens - Olympus 45mm 1.8 ($260) -

    Light - Apurture Amaraon LED ($60) -

    Mic - Audio Technica ATR-3350 Into camera ($24) -

    Very well done. Not sure if its what you are going for, but I couldn't really tell the difference between this, and something that would be shown on Discovery Channel or History Channel.

    Only thing I found to be an issue is some of the text, particularly the parts involving names/job descriptions, would become hard to read depending on the background. Most likely due to the thinness of the font. Maybe try adding a black glow to the font, so that it always has a black backdrop, and will stand out more?


      nicely done!


        I had a cheap night vision camera that overheated and the image was terrible so i ended up making it more of a documentary than a ghost investigation. This was the first of many so I appreciate the feedback, im learning its best to ask graphic designers about things like titles, text and graphics so thanks for the tip on the font!