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A Prewedding Film | A Pretty Cool Way To Keep A Memory

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    GH2 A Prewedding Film | A Pretty Cool Way To Keep A Memory
    We make the occasional pre-wedding film for engaged couples who want to share a bit more of their story and personalities with their wedding guests. Usually a film like this will get played at the wedding of a reception on a big screen before the happy couple is announced and they walk into the room. When we screened the film with them they got really excited and wanted to post in online right away. So here it is. It was shot primarily with Pentax takumar glass and the 12mm from slr magic. While I like the 12mm wide angle it is a harder lens to cut in because it is higher contrast...I still like the less sharp/cinematic feel better than the Oly 12mm though. Glidecam shots on a 50mm macro tak. Some good fun and shot in about 4 hours over four locations on a cold clear October day. The gh2 cameras are brilliant for activating ones creativity in real time. I could never have been able to setup so quickly for shots, nor risk the variety of camera angles on the shotlist from rolling from a larger camera system over such a short period of time. I just gotta learn to color grade better. Anyways, cheers and good hunting all you creatives.
    Paul Christopher

    They seem like a nice couple, which goes to some degree to your talent.

    Here's hoping they can keep onto their good feelings during the stormy periods of life.

    Thanks for sharing.