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End Hibernation - Lumix GH13, GOP-1 and Vivitar 28 mm f2

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    End Hibernation - Lumix GH13, GOP-1 and Vivitar 28 mm f2

    Here is a short film about forcefully waking up a car after a long and hard winter. Filmed and edited in two days using GH13, GOP-1 settings and 28 mm Vivitar Auto Wide-Angle lens. I wanted to get a good cold bluish hues and used a blue color filter on the lens. The second day shots that start from the car interior came out quite good, there are good dark blue hues but almost no mud or posterization. All color grading was done in GoPro Cineform First Light. ISO setting was ISO-100 for the first part of the movie and ISO-200 for the second day shots.

    There is now slightly improved version online at:

    If you are serious about getting the best quality out of YouTube, I recommend using either MainConcept MJPEG codec or QuickTime Photo JPEG codec. I used the latter for this upload and it made the film a bit more contrasty and saturated than intended, but also improved the final quality. There was not much room for grading but the end result has clean deep blue hues without posterization as desired.

    Links to full size frame grabs, if anybody is interested: