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Romantic Dramedy feature finaly finished and tips

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    GH13 Romantic Dramedy feature finaly finished and tips

    Stuff I learned from my filming experience:

    Lighting: Its better to err on the side of caution on this and throw a little light on the actors even if you think their is enough ambient lighting.

    Sound: closer to the mouth the better. Also, if you use plural eyes SYNC ALL CLIPS BEFORE YOU EDIT. I cut the whole film first then tried to sync. Plural eyes couldn't get it right.

    Neat Video saved my ass. Look into it.
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    Hi Dabeave,

    I agree on all points. The other day I shot a short piece for my friends blog. He was in a nice diffused bath of light on my porch. I look at it and told him I wanted add a little light to his face. I did using one of the 900 LED lights and it made nice but subtle difference. I did not try to over light him, just give him a kick. Plus it added a small catch light to the eyes. So light everything, even if only a little. On the audio front, clap boards/slates seems silly, No They Are Not, having a good solid spike in the audio on all streams saves tons of time when syncing.

    I felt Neat Video warranted a paragraph break, LOL. What a great product. I use Neat Video at just about any ISO. To me Neat Video does such an amazing job of getting rid of what I call the "swimmers" the noise in the shadows that I use it all the time. I really like how it helps smooth out the out of focus areas of the video where I am using shallow DOF. I dare say it actually improves the appearance of the Bokeh. It is going to make hideous bokeh beautiful, no, but it can make decent or better bokeh take on a more film like creaminess. All the while Neat Video does an amazing job of maintaining and enhancing the details. But like all pennies have their dirty side, Neat Video has its dirty side. Neat Video is a CPU hog that appears to currently still be single threaded. So all this glory comes at the price of "go have dinner" render times.