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Lomo anamorphic x CineGrain = my kind of 'film look'

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    GH2 Lomo anamorphic x CineGrain = my kind of 'film look'

    So, some friends and I shot a quick music video on a fun day out in the country (yes, it does exist in Hong Kong!).
    Lomo anamorphics kind of take the edge off harsh digital video and CineGrain - my first use - would add some excellent grain to complete the 'film look' - or at least my interpretation of it.

    The look I was going for was to mimic a Konvas/Kinor film camera. Of course, the most accurate would be to actually use a Konvas But I don't have access or time to deal with that.

    On another note, I really fuct up by using those Lee filters against harsh sunlight. It really blew out some of the footage and I had a hard time matching it with the subsequent footage.

    I just wish I had the chance to test Vitaly's new hack! Next time...

    All in all I'm happy about the look, and that it is achievable with the GH2. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do a more professional production using this combo.
    Hong Kong

    cool video. nice compositions. yeah, I agree, those wild flashy "film" transitions and effects were quite nasty should have kept it nice and simple without the film burns


      Yeah, getting a few negative feedback on those! In all honesty it was my first time using CineGrain and I really like the flash frames. But will avoid using it too often in the future!
      Hong Kong


        I've watched the video yesterday. All in all it is quite nice, but it feels like you are testing different grain options in the different frames of the clip. Some are more grainy than others.
        I would settle with whatever effect you prefer, then use a unique subtle grain look for the whole video. I also feel that the film burn transitions are too much. better keep it more subtle.
        But I like the anamorphic+grain look overall.
        my vimeo