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Cutthroat Country - GH2 Goes Fly Fishing

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    GH2 Cutthroat Country - GH2 Goes Fly Fishing

    Did some testing with a GH2, 14-140, FD 50 1.4 and a GoPro over the long weekend on a backpacking trip. A bit more weight carrying a full video tripod and assorted gear items, but even tougher to film instead of fishing.

    Came back with this:

    Much better encode in the direct download. Excited to see what options unfold with the hack in the coming weeks!

    I enjoyed the visuals quite a bit. Some narration about where these places were, or how you hiked there "Three days in the pouring rain, up hill both ways, and when I got there, the sun shown..." that sort of narrative would help me connect more with the visuals. (Think Endless Summer surf movie narrative style).

    Other than that, it looked like you worked damn hard for those fish, and how you spotted that fish in that little tiny trickle of a riffle, I can not imagine!
    GH13, Sound Devices 702, Schoeps CMC641, COS11d-BP Lav, FOCAL CMS40 Monitor, Rycote Softie, Audio Technica 1800 wireless system, 20mm f1.7, 14mm f2.5, 50mm f1.4 FD, 200m F2.8 FD, 4x4 filter set, Schneider .03 ND Grad, Schneider .9 ND Hard Grad, Schneider Polarizing Filter,


      Thanks for the feedback! I should have much better audio capabilities soon. More of a field test with new gear (hadn't shot with the GoPro before), but there was enough footage for an edit. Planning on an outdoor festival entry or two if a story I'm working on comes together in time for the fall.