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    Short movie
    Last edited by magelan84; 06-12-2011, 05:01 AM.

    Welcome Magelan,

    some very nice shot, some info about setting, lenses, budget... ?


      Welcome indeed Magelan to DVX User Forum, and what a great first post. That was really a fun watch. Great storytelling and the camera work was just excellent. Really like that almost 360 degree pan when he pulls up in the car and walks back into the shot. Nice use of reflections as well. Music fits great. Beautifully done.
      I would like to hear more about your lens selection as well..
      Thanks for sharing!
      " I wanted to ask you.... if you can shoot me?..... It'd be the best thing to do.....
      You need to go ahead and shoot me."


        #4 New Montage

        Welcome, i speak in english only litte but i try answer.

        EWS if you like 360 you must see The Angelopolus films :

        We dont have budget ale stuff like crane, snorricam or dolly we build in home. We dont use film light.

        Lens: Canon fd 50 1.4
        Nikkor 70 - 200 f 2.8
        Tamron - Macro 90
        Sigma 20 - 1.8
        Kit lens 14-140
        Or maybe some old 28 m 42 but i dont remeber.
        Setting smooth all -1. Montage in adobe, CC in magic bullet and colorista 2.

        If you have next question i found someone who can speak in english. Bye!