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Matching GH2 and HVX: some results

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  • Phenixone
    This looks nice, also I feel you were unhappy with the client ;) ! But why are you still shooting 720 with the HVX. Have you tried with 1080i?

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  • mcbob
    started a topic Matching GH2 and HVX: some results

    Matching GH2 and HVX: some results

    Used the GH2 with my trusty old HVX (original flavor) on a paid shoot yesterday, thought I'd report some results.

    I needed good, monitorable audio recording, and the client also requested occasional closeups of the subject. What better way than doing it two-camera?

    Chose the GH2 for the wider shot and HVX for closeup, to allow for blurred background in both shots.

    Location was lit with tungsten, both cameras set to 3200K WB.

    HVX settings: "GH2 HT"
    720p30N (client request), 180d shutter, ~35mm (~250 effective), f2.8
    detail: -4
    v detail: -2
    detail coring: +4
    hroma lvl: 0
    chroma phase: 0
    color temp: 0
    master ped: +5
    gamma: cinelike V
    matrix: norm
    STD: off

    GH2 settings:
    FSH mode, SS=60, ISO=320
    Leica Summicron-R 50/2, f2.8
    Custom Film Mode, -2, -2, -2, -2

    Untouched stills of the same moment are attached. Overall, I'm liking the match, even if I'm not overly pleased with my framing and location lighting.
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