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"Three Heads Six Arms" buddhist installation

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    GH2 "Three Heads Six Arms" buddhist installation

    This video was not strictly taken with the GH2, as I had used it only for most of the night shots. I used the Computar 12.5mm f/1.3 and Fujinon 7-105mm f/1.4 c-mount lenses and performed admirably in the night. Most were at 1250 and 1600 iso.
    Other cameras were Nikons D3X & D7000 for time lapses and Canon 5DmkII for dolly & crane shots - I would have used the GH2 for those as the Canon's footage turned out grainy for the night crane & dolly shots as the other DP used a slow 24-105 f/4.
    We will be editing a longer, documentary style video using primarily the GH2 footage.
    Hong Kong

    Hi Ed: Great job!

    Your c-mount lenses on the GH2 appear to have performed well for this application. Did you use the GH2's ETC crop feature, or do those lenses cover the sensor? I noticed a slight amount of vignetting in some of the GH2 footage, but for me it wasn't objectionable.

    The choice of music was the only thing about the piece I didn't like (I've heard it too many times before), but then again I usually watch this type of video (and music videos) with the sound turned off anyway. ;-)

    Again, very good work. Cheers.


      Thanks Peter.
      The vignetting you saw is from the Computar. I didn't use ETC mode for that as one would lose more image area. It's entirely feasible to crop in post to maintain a wider image. There are some shots where I didn't crop it out entirely as I was working on a 1080 time line - didn't want to zoom in to far for fear of quality degradation. Plus since it was in the dark it won't be as evident! To lay people anyway...
      Hong Kong