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3rd Music Video shot on GH2

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    GH2 3rd Music Video shot on GH2

    Here is my 3rd Music Video, shot on GH2. Still learning a lot about the camera, editing, grading, etc. I have a long ways to go... but im getting there. Love this camera compared with my 7D and wouldn't trade it back for anything.

    Anyway, the song is Blaack - When You Come Home. Its a military tribute song. Please visit the Vimeo and YouTube links below. We need the hits on YouTube, so if you share the song please share it via YouTube and not vimeo... unless its to fellow video/film people.


    Hey man, good work. I think you showed great restraint in the camera movement and the editing was well paced. The only thing I think you should really concentrate on for you next time out is mood. The words that the guys saying are reflected in the images, but the overall mood of the song isn't matched with the visuals. It's too bright. I think the living room scenes should have been dimly lit with practicals in frame, with a yellowy look. And perhaps had the rapper in some more dynamic places, not just outside on a clear day. I know budget constraints and time is always an issue, but with a little pre-thought and planning you can get more for your video. Keep it up!