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GH2: Interview audio using ME66 mic recorded in-camera

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    GH2: Interview audio using ME66 mic recorded in-camera

    FYI: This very brief GH2 camera-original 1920 x 1080 24p AVCHD ".MTS" clip is from a interview I shot yesterday. It hasn't been color-corrected. Vimeo members can download the camera-original .MTS clip.

    Note: .MTS files can be played using the free VLC software:​

    GH2 settings: 100% full manual Creative Movie mode, recording AVCHD @ 24 megabits/sec. (1080p24 "24H" mode). This video was shot using Cinema Film Mode settings of -1,0,0,-1, 1/50th shutter, ISO 640, f1.7 (Lumix 20mm lens), i.Dynamic & i.Resolution both OFF, manual WB (adjusted 2-clicks toward magenta & 1 click toward yellow).

    Misc.: LCW Fader ND Mk2 on lens, two KinoFlo Diva lights.

    Audio: Sennheiser ME66 mic recorded in-camera via a -25db inline attenuator & XLR-to-2.5mm audio adapter (GH2 mic input set to lowest setting "1").

    Lesson learned:

    Mic was mounted on camera about 3' from the Chief. I usually mic much closer than this, but in this instance there wasn't time or space to rig up my boompole. Oh yeah: And no #@$%! headphone jack! Despite this, I think the recorded audio sounds surprisingly good.

    I should have lit the background a bit brighter. Because the texture-painted walls are slightly under-lit, they show the 8-bit gradient banding that DSLR video compression is (rightly) infamous for.

    If banding is a problem in the edit (or in further-compressed web versions) I'll mix-in a small amount of noise In FCp to somewhat smooth/dither the gradient.

    This of course is one of the many important ways "real" (generally more expensive) video cameras out-perform DSLR video.

    However, in terms of bang-for-the-buck, a GH2 is hard to beat. (Until the "GH3" or whatever is announced, etc. etc.)

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