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    GH2 GH2 music video

    This is the first music video that I completed with the GH2. I love this dang camera!

    Not my kind of music but what a great looking video! Have tweeted for you. @movingpictureTV
    Moving Picture TV


      F&&%^K that is clean... well done... what slick little clip...

      I reckon it could have had some other sub-pot to keep the clip moving along... maybe shot a bit dirtier to contrast the supper clean look ...



        As I usually ask I am just curious what lenses where used. It looked really clean and well done, one thing though that I think I would have liked to see is a better contrast in the background to a few of the shots but overall very well done.


          Thanks guys! I used the kit lens for the wide and flycam nano shots and a minolta 50mm 1.7 for the rest.


            its defiantly a rap video alright

            one thing i notice is theres lots of different colouring from location to location, almost stands out as a bit unexpected.

            i like to colour correct my stuff to roughly have the same grade over everything.

            would still work with shooting in different locations yet just bring the feel of the clips closer together.

            good stuff tho
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              Sometimes one if forced to stop and wonder what would change in these videos to the eyes of their consumers if they were to be shot on high end cameras.