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Promo Video Shot on GH2 and HMC150

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    Promo Video Shot on GH2 and HMC150

    I recently shot a promo video for a local gym. The interview footage was done on my GH2 and the action stuff was shot on my HMC150.. The whole thing was very rushed.. We only had about an hour to shoot, but still I was pretty happy with the result.

    Take a look:
    Noam - Filmmaking, cinematography and post-production blog.

    great job! what were your GH2 interview settings and audio setup? GH2 and HMC150 intercut very well!


      Thanks boo.. The GH2 was set to Standard, with no adjustments made to the settings in camera. I did color correction with Apple color. My only regret is not having time to set up a field monitor.. It was very rushed and on the tiny GH2 LCD I didn't catch the blow out on the side of the subjects face. Although he actually was quite happy with that look.

      As for audio I just plugged my Rode NTG2 directly into my HMC and synced in post by ear.. I had the regular camera audio coming from the GH2 as a reference. The mic was actually taped to an extra light stand.. again very rushed!
      Noam - Filmmaking, cinematography and post-production blog.


        A very nicely put together piece. I liked how well you matched the 150. What did you do to that image in regardess to matching it up... It's k to have restraints.. we all have 'em. You made a nice piece and that's all ya need to let speak for ya


          Very Nice work indeed! Especially When it Was made In a rush!!!
          I have a hmc151 myself and have considered buying a Gh2 as second Unit, but still wait for the 1080 25p....wich apparantly is not coming. i wonder why you have beek using the small and handy GH2 for the no-action interviews and the more heavy and unhandy hmc150 for the actionshots. I guees I would have done the opposite...
          Wich scenesettings did you use on the hmc? And what about lighting? Seems to mé that the picture from the hmc looks quite crispy and sharp?

          Keep uo the good work!

          Best regards


            Thanks guys..

            Justyn - I was actually trying to separate the looks of the cameras rather than match them, to provide some contrast between the action and interview footage. I achieved this by coloring the action footage in a much different way.. less saturated, more browns and oranges.. and added some effects like vignetting.

            Xoomtell - The reason I used the GH2 for the interview and not the action footage is because, like any DSLR there are rolling shutter issues with quick pans and zooms. When shooting the action footage, the HMC served the purpose much better in that I could get some really fast paced run n gun style footage that I couldn't achieve in the same way with any DSLR. Also, I preferred the GH2 for the interview because not only is the image much cleaner to look at, but I wanted a very shallow depth of field, which couldn't be achieved easily with the HMC..

            I believe the settings on the HMC were just set to f5... lighting for HMC shots was all natural light, and with the GH2 I had one 500w with diffusion on a 45 degree angle and a 250w hairlight with no diffusion
   - Filmmaking, cinematography and post-production blog.