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Day in the life of a Bicycle - Short GH13 film

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    Day in the life of a Bicycle - Short GH13 film

    A film about an extraordinary day in the life of a bike in Amsterdam.

    Shot on two hacked GH1s, mostly the Ipowell 40Mbps High Reliability Patch.
    Dolly moves done with the IndiSlider mini. Camera mounted on bike using a Gorillapod.
    1080/25p, nostalgic film mode.
    Graded with curves in After Effects.

    Lenses: Lumix 14-140mm kit lens, Lumix 20mm f/1.7, Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 and Canon FD 24mm f/2.8

    I'd love to have some feedback or constructive criticism from you guys, feel free to post something on the vimeo page.
    Last edited by Oetam; 11-15-2010, 10:12 AM.
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    I enjoyed that immensely!

    Felt a lot like a genuine Art film you might watch at the cinema.

    There's a typo on your linky though, might want to fix that.
    Happy is the man who finds his passion.


      Thanks Wilbur... that's a great compliment.
      I'm sorry but which typo is it that you are talking about?
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        excellent good work Oetam

        the reaction shots (head close up) of the people when he is trying to sell the bike, i felt it was a bit odd feeling, the switch of camera angle from the previous shot confused my viewing brain a little.

        pervious shot... thief on the right of screen looking left.
        cuts to
        head shots... people on the right of screen looking left.

        i've been trying to read a book called "the 5 C's of cinematography" it goes into the science of camera angles and cuts and what it correct for the brain to understand, its really interesting.

        i felt that scene cutting to the scene i mentioned might have been stronger if you had made the reaction shots with the persons head on the left looking right.

        hope you understand what i meaning

        look forward to seeing more! PS: WHAT WAS THE MUSIC?
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          Sorry for the late response.
          Iknow what you mean it never really bothered me but now you mention it I think it could have been better.
          I normally have a pretty good eye and feel for which cuts will look good but I guess this is what happens when you come up with the shots as you go along.
          I'll definitely storyboard my next short.
          I've heard of that book quite a few times... I think it's time for me to check it out

          The music was done by a friend of mine, as a custom score for the film.
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            I really like this short movie and I want to second the statement above, i.e. a "genuine Art film you might watch at the cinema".
            The one thing that somehow impaired my imagination is in the scene at the end where the bike is repaired and the screw-wrench moves but the screw not!?
            About the technical stuff, I think there are short scenes in the clip which are not (or not properly) deinterlaced at least in the mp4 video file for download and you can clearly see the interlace combing (only at some scenes) although the clip is encoded in 25p (or 24p).