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New GH1 music video for Aidan Baker/thisquietarmy

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    New GH1 music video for Aidan Baker/thisquietarmy

    Hey guys,

    I finally had an opportunity to use my GH1 for some professional work. A music video for a collaboration between ambient musicians Aidan Baker and thisquietarmy. It's supposed to be released on a DVD in boston with the record label who published their last CD.

    I shot and lit this with the help of a fantastic art director and performance artists. Most of it was shot using the Panasonic 20mm lens with some shots also done with the stock lens. Shot in 720p for slow motion. All editing done in Avid with final polish in AE.

    Check out the shot where I used the base of an office chair as an improvised dolly.

    Tell me what you think.

    Great looking shots, my only suggestion woud be to loose the vignette, or a least lower the opacity as its pretty distracting and doesn't look so good. It's a shame to waste those parts of an otherwise gorgeous picture!


      Great picture, great lighting, awesome stlye choice.

      Didn't really get me story/music wise, wasnt my cup of tea.


        Great shots and styling, but I have to agree about the vignette, it's a little overdone. Good work!



          Hey Guys,
          Thanks for the comments! I agree, the vignette looks a harsh, especially with youtube compression. It is pretty transparent and soft when I view it in the cineform files but I think I'll still tone it down for the DVD release, its really just meant to soften the corners.

          The main sticking point in this production was my workflow, I hadn't seriously done a production workflow for the camera until this project and Avid is a bit more particular about accepting footage compared to Premier or Vegas. Still, I refuse to work on anything but Avid, and now I have an effective workflow - I might document and post it in the workflow forum if there is any interest.


            Looks very good. This kind of abstract story telling is a hard thing to tackle but you and your collaborators pulled it off with style, it matches the music well. I'd also pull back on the vignette, perhaps take down saturation a notch and then grain it to get away from the deadness of digital.
            My GH1 shorts are here: