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Apocalyptic Beauty Bombay Beach Salton Sea, CA

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    Apocalyptic Beauty Bombay Beach Salton Sea, CA

    Pretty embarrassed to post this publicly but I haven't submitted any GH1 footage on DVX yet.

    Needs a lot of work, just a super quick edit. Focus is horribly soft as well since I kept it almost wide open. Woulda used the kit lens if I had it on me.

    Lens: Canon 50mm F1.4
    ND filters: 2 stacked ND 4
    Res: 720 60p
    Editing software: FCP 6
    Color grading: no just basic Color corrector...footage needs to go through proper grading.
    Ingested footage with Neoscene

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    Very nice. I watched it twice, and will some more.


      I watched it a couple of times also. Certainly nothing to be embarrassed about here.

      Liked your subtle and smooth use of the glide track. Title is sure appropriate. Thought the coordinates at the end were a nice touch. Good job.


        Very nice looking shots, no need to feel embarrassed at all, on the contrary.


          Excellent Title and nicely made. This is a strange place. Need to go there again (not in summer though)

          Here are some photos from there:

          Uwe Steinmueller


            Thanks for the comments guys. I'm embarrassed because everyone else's work, to me, just looks so much more awesome!

            Indeed a strange place but the funny thing is, it's so addicting. There's an odd allure that keeps inviting you to go back. Awesome photography btw!

            You captured all the cool structures that I didn't get around to because we arrived late in the day and I was spending half the time disinfecting my glasses that fell on the shore of rotting fish. Plus, the wind gusts kept jolting my rig during slides so I did take after take at times. A perfect excuse to drive back. We heeded the warning of the locals in Niland to clear Bombay Beach come nightfall.


              >You captured all the cool structures that I didn't get around to because we arrived late

              And some are gone (these images are over 3 years old).

              The building in the background at 1:11 I shot with kids in the windows posing.

              Salton Sea is a great place for a short movie. Did you visit Slab City and the Salvation Mountain?
              Uwe Steinmueller