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First time using GH1. Please critique!

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    First time using GH1. Please critique!

    I used my GH1 for the first time the other day to film a scene for my film. I screwed up with the focusing a bit and the interior scenes need to be shot again with some lights.

    I'm soothing again TOMORROW and this weekend so if you can give me some pointers I would really appreciate it cause I want this to look perfect and I'm a noob with the camera.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!
    Password is: Bic

    Also, I noticed that when shooting with low light indoors, the image looks brighter but when you press record it darkens up quite a bit. Any idea why this is or how to adjust it? Thanks!

    I think it looks great. Can you describe your settings, 720/60p? and what was the camera mounted on and what lens?


      Stock lens. Mostly 1080. Some of the interior shots I did 720. The low light was causing some motion blur and I thought that would help. I had the camera on a tripod or homemade dolly.

      My camera dial was set to Color, iA, and even the Aperture priority setting. That was my biggest mistake I will keep it at the movie mode next time.

      I've heard mixed things about this but you can convert 72060p to 24p and still have it look good. Or is it best just to mix it with 108024p?

      Keep the critiques coming please!


        Dang good for a first shoot. Imo keep it at movie mode and lock it down to 1/60 shutter. I don't know why this works but it's what all the experts recommend, and I've achieved good results with it. I also generally use the most open f-stop, but that's personal choice. The opening shots from 00:12 to 00:16 are spectacular, could you describe how you achieved those? The coloring just looks fantastic there. Did you color correct/grade there?

        I think the most of the rest of it could use some color correction though. A lot of it looks a bit dim/faded to me, a simple color correction could make the image really pop, the data is there.

        Hated the insert of him putting the lighter down. I understand that the lighter has some significance but that shot was just ugly/out of the flow of the piece for me.


          I used the FCP color corrector on every shot. I plan to use either Color or Magic Bullet later..I really don't know much about color correction/grading but I plan to learn.

          I also used a reflective shield to put light on the priest's face. That was key and probably was why it looked so good.

          Ya I plan on re filming all the interior shots. And yes the lighter is the star of the film..ha


            Nice work, Austin! I want to see more. Is the screen black for the last minute and a half or is Vimeo is acting up on my end? Perhaps a nod to The Sopranos finale?

            I don't mind the lighter insert. I think you need to see it, though a medium would have worked as well.


              looks good man. yeh the interiors need light but ur gonna do that. best shot was him picking up the lighter...really pops. i like the motivated dolly moves. heres a link to grading from the master


                Thanks guys. We already filmed the interior shots again. That was scene 3 and 4 outta 15 so I'll be back with more!

                And no there will be video over that black...


                  looks good but stuttery throughout. don't know if it's because of shutter speed or improper compression.
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                    Hm, thanks I'll look into that. I think the focus was a little off during the motion shots.