Hi, I have been reading this forum as I am trying to decide if I should buy a real video camera like the HMC150 or if the GH1 would be better for my needs. I travel a lot and I shoot video and stills, so the idea of the GH1 is incredibly attractive.

As for video, I shoot a lot of testimonial videos for my website and will be shooting some short films and documentary type video as well.

I love the quality of the video I am seeing here with the GH1. Also, I am a mac user and I love the AVCHD workflow. I currently use an AVCHD canon hd camera (hf100) and with Final Cut Pro or even iMovie '09, bringing in AVCHD and editing is a breeze.

BUT - here is my concern. A lot of the handheld video I have been watching has the same kind of shakiness that you see in video shot by people using those little "Flip" video cameras. It is really unbearable and looks just plain bad. With my little hd camcorder, I use a nice bracket that lets me mount my Sennheiser shotgun mic and it also works great to stabilize the camera and my hand held shots are very smooth. So, I was thinking this would also work with the GH1.

Does anyone have experience using some sort of camera bracket and are you getting steady hand held shots. (I really can't be bringing big steadicams along on my travels.) And does anyone have any video I can look at with handheld clips that are not shaking around?

Thanks for any feedback you can give me. I really would love to make this camera work!